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Digital Elevation Model

Lake Maggiore area from satellite

An interest always crossing my mind but only recently developed in a deeper way, is about the digital modeling of the terrain: for sure the chemical background and geological interest have played well so I have connected them to my target to better understand the behavior and working conditions of my antennas by means of ham software and digital elevation modeling applications.

A great support on these matters comes from "Radio Mobile", a program developed  by VE2DBE and presented at www.ve2dbe.com.
Thanks to this program I have been able to verify some antenna performance, taking into consideration the characteristics of the soil surrounding my block (built on lime and sandy layers due to the glacial origin of the lake), the effect of the lake water beaming north-east and east together with the clear horizon till a few kilometers far from my location looking towards north and some hundred meters looking towards west, right to the eastern side of a natural park forest lying west from my house.

Some results of my tests based on Radio Mobile and on some other software for G.I.S. and D.E.M. applications with the related site links are reported in my pages.


Map of of I1GXV southern Lake Maggiore area, the related Digital Elevation Model and the "Radio Mobile" model.
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