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Antennas installation where they are still today
...it was summer 1992

My name is Richard, I was born on April 23, 1958 and I have been a ham (amateur radio operator) since May 1975: my call is I1GXV and, since July 2012, I have also the U.S. vanity call W7GXV granted after passing the Extra Class license examination.

I was first licensed as AI4CP but immediately applied for vanity call W7GXV granted to me a couple of months later.
The call area "7" in my call sign was my target to honour one of my best ham friendship started from a first SSB QSO on 10 m had in 1978 and carried on for more than 20 years with Ralph, W7COK (SK), Cheyenne, (Wy) and his wife Lois, W7COJ: with Ralph I had a weekly sked in the years of good condx between us for each sun cycle we both crossed together, proceeding by letters (not yet by emails!) when condx were negative.
I finally succeeded in visiting them during a business trip in U.S.in March 1998 and this experience will remain in my memory all life long.

I enjoy spending my spare time in chasing DX (long distance contacts) and rag-chawing with other fellow hams wherever they are. I am A.R.I. and A.R.R.L.member.
I live in a small town in Northwestern Italy named Dormelletto, closed to the larger one of Arona where I spent the first 30 or so years of my life, before moving to this nice place.
Picture the geographic spot where the lake Maggiore shores of Piedmont and Lombardy regions come together where its water flows out into the Ticino river and a few miles north west you'll find my QTH there.
My interests include Amateur Radio, sports as sailing and skiing, meteorology, geo-mapping, travelling and general scientific matters.
If you have a web page please consider adding my page as a link to yours and leave me your address so I can link to your page. TNX!

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