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Introduction to Ham Radio world


Amateur radio is a Service based on International rules in which an individual can set up his or her own radio station, and communicate with other amateur radio operators (or “ hams”) anywhere in the world for his or her own technical knowledge improvement about radio communications and related matters.

Hams can be anyone of us, male or female, from very young persons of 10 -12 years of age to those near or over 100 years old, from the ordinary person to the famous one as many well known personalities who are or have been hams.

Hams can do many different things: some enjoy building their own equipment; some like to talk on the air with other hams using a microphone, a CW (telegraphy) key, a PC keyboard for digital modes or to exchange pictures through SSTV (Slow scan television) contacts; some focus their  interests to public service - helping out in times of emergency with their ability to communicate; some get on the air only for contests - competing to contact more hams than anyone else during a certain period of time, usually a weekend; still others are on the cutting edge of technology, developing new communications techniques and equipment.
These are but a few of the many diverse interests within this fine world.
If this brief introduction has lighted up your interest you can easily look on the web for a local radio club, where normally hams are eager to help the newcomer to ham radio, or for your national ham radio organization, if you do not already know some of us...

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