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My first QSO is dated 15 May 1975 and it followed a period of careful listening to the ham radio bands on HF and VHF started when I was about 14 years old with a an home-made “AMTRON” receiver for VHF connected to the audio amplifier of my father’s Telefunken radio (German equipment). He was influenced by me in such a way that he took the exams together me, getting his license and his I1GXW call sign. I normally used the Telefunken radio to listen to the Sundays QSO on 40 meters in AM and CW.
By the way, 11 years later also my younger brother Stefano, I.T. oriented guy, took his exams, getting his license and his IK1GPL call sign.
Following to the exams in radio-technics and CW taken when I was 15, the first ham rig, my old FT 250 Sommerkamp (same as FT 200 Yaesu) appeared in my room together with a vertical 12 AVQ from Hy-Gain on the seven floors building roof where my family was living in Arona. The rig is still in perfect conditions in my present shack.

Then in the first 80’s, together with the ham fellows of the Arona A.R.I. club, of which I took care of the CW training courses and cooperated for various activities for years in the available spare time first from my studies then from my job, I made my first T.U. with active filters (“ ST5 design”) for RTTY, when the sound blaster and all the digital modes probably were still to be invented…..

By starting  my job and with the standard family duties after marriage, my activity has deeply decreased for some years at the contrary of my passion which has been constantly growing up: since some years, anyway, my job has been allowing me in been active again almost on a monthly basis giving me chance to enjoy hamming as I was used to be in the past, or more if I can say….  

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