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I have been always interested in meteo matters: since some years I have been receiving weather satellites pictures by a simple set up based on a home-made VHF receiver, a fixed 135 MHz antenna together with various software available for this kind of application: the results are fine and they remind me of the state of the art of the technology of the 70’ based on complex mechanical rolling cylinders and photographic paper impressed by leds…
For the APRS system I set up in 2001 a weather station based on a Huger / WX 200 equipment connected to one of the station PCs which run random in the past on weekends and since September 2010 it has been providing meteo data on line through my meteo web site "Meteo Dormelletto" with live meteo conditions, meteo webcam and APRS beacon thanks to "CWOP" network. During summer 2012 the Huger station was replaced by a La Crosse WS 2355.


APRS WX Beacon


Weather satellites antenna

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