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Today I mainly use an ICOM 775 DSP but I like to often warm up my “vintage” radio collection based on all my past rigs which are part of my life as, chronologically,  my a.m. Yaesu FT 200, the Kenwood TS 830S (2 sets..) which followed, an ICOM 735 for the first mobile activity in the late 80’ and various other Kenwood ones for VHF-UHF. The last one joining the group is another Yaesu rig, the FT 857 targeted to future mobile activity.
Thanks to the digital modes I am also focused to the various modes asking only for a PC and a sound blaster, among which the APRS for which I set up in 2001 a weather station. In the same mode since 2002 I can be QRV also when I am mobile as I1GXV-9 with a Yaesu FT 212 and a TNC1 unit.
Some home-made rigs like QRP RTX, VHF RX and complementary equipment as interfaces, filters etc complete the shack together with a lot of ham magazines: I try to keep myself updated on the news about ham matters, that is why wherever I get local ham magazine in spite of the language. I have been a subscriber of CQ for decades and, for a few years, also of Funk Amateur without knowing German language at all: the main points can be anyway understood!  

I1GXV's shack with window looking at the lake side
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