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My antennas


Antennas from lake side

Beaming North West

The antennas in use, working since 1992 on the roof of my house where I have been living since marriage, are at about 30 meters from the ground level, at the top of a 7 floors building in front of the Lake Maggiore shore, at about 300 meters from the lake bank. I am at the 7 floor so not many meters of cable are required from the shack to feed them.
I use a 2 element beam for 10/15 and 20 meters, a WARC and a 40/80 meters dipoles together with some VHF/UHF verticals including a weather satellite antenna.

Beaming South East
I1GXV Antennas and Roof Maintenance

The antennas are at about 30 m / 100 feet from ground level with clear view on 360° just some hills beaming west at about 500 m from home

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